Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blonde Las Vegas Escorts

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Plan for the Summer

It's almost summer fling time again! It comes so quickly, doesn't it? I love this time of year. It's when you kick your exercise routine into high gear. You get fit, you cut your hair, make yourself looks all pretty and sit and wait for the weather to get nice and hot. Maybe you've planned your summer getaway and got some ideas on how to bag your sexy summer fling thing.

Now is the best time to plan your approach.
A great way to make yourself stand out as the best most memorable summer fling is to get some seduction tips and surprise your temporary lover.

It's a great to be the best summer fling a man has ever had. men are not emotional but when you can tug at their emotional heart strings and mae them miss you when you're gone - well that's satisfaction right there!

Do something to stand out above the crowd. You're not just another hot woman bit you are a legend in satisfaction, pleasure and temptation.

Do your homework and be prepared when you go out into their field. Get creative with places where a summer fling might occur, try something unconventional, a place where a man might not exact to create a fling. Like camping. Men go camping but don;t expect to meet anyone, so if they meet you there, then you will make an impact.

Try to be different and they will adore your ways. Happy spring hunting!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fall Fling

Halloween is fun. It is the perfect opportunity to be the vixen of your dreams. use this to your advantage, the holidays make women feel more excited and they are more willing to try things they have never done before. here is your opportunity to step in and make your move.

Attend a costume party. There are sure to be many and usually at your local nightclub. The women dress sexy and they are looking for attention today more then ever. It's not juts a regular night of dressing up and teasing men, they are really putting themselves out there to be noticed. See the sexy devils, naughty nurses and other fetish costumes.

The power of flattery goes further on halloween then any other night of the year. The more you compliment, the more of an effect it has. You have to stress enough that she is the hottest thing there. There is no women as sexy, as exotic as her. She will ea up the comments, after all, these skimpy sexy costumes are really expensive considering the teeny bit of material that they are made of. Let her know that her efforts were not in vain and you think that she is the only woman in the room and no one else matters.

You see an occasion like Halloween is great because a normal night, she will think that you are only hitting on her and the flattery will go mostly unnoticed but a night when she puts the effort to looks super sexy she will be more sensitive to your comments.

But what do you wear? You should wear something otherwise you might be though of as a sleaze ball just going there to pick up chicks. You need to participate too. Don't dress up as anything ugly though, think of the movie Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan dressed up as the ugly vampire on the sexy costume night! It really dies not look sexy and the pretty girls around haer made her look even uglier. So avoid this, a tip for both men and women!

Dress up as a fireman or a police man, something that women fantasize about. Women die for men in uniform so dress up as something power, something in uniform. Again I strongly suggest a Fireman or a Policeman. If you are a policeman, you can immediately get an idea if if she is kinky. Bring out he handcuffs and see what she thinks abut it. If she is game,e ten she is a kinky lady who will explore sexually. If that's what you looks for, have a stash of bondage sex toys at home for when you bring her there and you can have all the kinky fun you could ever imagine! If she is ultra kinky, she will also be open to the idea of a vibrator sex toy too, the sky could be the limit, just make sure you are ready!

If you dress up as the fireman, you may want a woman who needs to be saved. The dying mistress in distress. These types of women like to have you cozy them, protect them and teach them too. If the mistress in discreet is your type of girl, the fireman outfit will be the best for your erotic success. Just leave the cliche lines ta home, like "would you like to see my firehose" because women don't really like cheese like this and it probably will reduce your points a little bit. Keep mature because maturity is sexy.

Take full advantage of the halloween season and attend a sexy dress up party. Dress up yourself, throw out compliments and pick your girl and your chances of success will be greatly improved. So good luck on bagging that sexy vixen!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Flowers

Seeing how summer is now over, and today is the first day of fall, summer flings are now gone, and won't return until next year. So now it is time to talk about fall romance and winter lust! It is now time to warm up with some hot chocolate and a hot body beside you, and enjoy some romantic, golden colored relationships!

As the leaves falls in the forests, they litter the ground with golds, reds, amber's, mauve's, oranges, yellows and all of the strong and vivacious colors of the season. The air is crisp and cool, and it is the perfect time of year from a stroll in the park with a cute sweater, some stylish seasonal boots and your fall romance at your side.

This is the time of year that everyone starts thinking about pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, skiing and Christmas. Fireplaces are slowly lighting up and the pine trees are perking up for the season. What a wonderful time of year to go for a country drive. Head out towards the nearest natural lake and go for one last picnic before the snow falls and all meals will be inside until spring!

This is the time of year when you can French braid your hair and wear a cute little hat. Tuck your geans into your boots and look your best! Get ready for the winter season ahead where there will be plenty of skiing, ice skating, snow ball fights, snow men, pumpkin carving and so on. Get ready for your fall flings and enjoy them while they last, as summer may be just around the corner!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Look Your Best For That Fling!

While enjoying your hot summer fling, why not take this time to enjoy life, enjoy love, and enjoy being a girl! Don't be shy, be the sexiest woman you can be! Almost every women wants to look gorgeous and wants to look her hottest, and there is no better time to do it than while living out the summer with your fun summer fling!

Go out to the beach and rent a boat, or whatever you two want to do, are you going to wear just anything? Don't even consider it! Go out and pick up a new, sexy and stylish bikini that will flaunt your best assets! After all, your summer fling is only going to last so long, and so is your hot body! You can't wear your favorite, kinky outfits just anywhere, so why not wear them during your spring fling time!

When the night falls and its time to enjoy the hot summer nights with your boyfling, it is also time to look your best. Be a diva. Be an absolute queen! Spend a little extra cash on an incredibly sexy ensemble and you will get to strut around and dominate the land! Your sex will be hotter and wilder, and your ego will get the boost of a lifetime!

Not matter what you two decided to do for fun during your summer fling, your memories will be wilder and longer lasting if you really push it and take the experience as an opportunity to dress sexier, and act like you rule it all! Your boyfling will never forget you and you'll never forget the experience!

Friday, July 25, 2008

How to Detach Yourself

It will happen time once or twice where you will develop really strong feelings for your summer fling thing. Scream, kick and fight all you want but there will be something magical about his seductive stare that will keep you captivated and you wont be able to release yourself from his grip. You will fall *yuck* in love with him.

Shame, shame on you fir not having a fling on a summer vacation where you have to leave and it will be easy to detach yourself from him.

I will guide you through the process of letting go, provided of course that you want to. Why would you want to let go? Here is the main reason - you already have a boyfriend and now it's time for summer to be over and for you to settle down with him. You want to shake the summer fling before your real boyfriend finds out because you really like the stability of the boyfriend but you want to release your sex buddy.

Another reason you want to let go is explained below, I'll summarize by saying that if start a relationship, you will ruin the magic of your summer fling. Sex and your butterflies will be out the window and not nearly as intense so I highly suggest you oull the plug now before you hit the 3 month markl. Read below:

Here are a few ways to manage it.

1.) Keep him as a sex buddy.
Good old booty call. Leave it at that. If he knows you have a boyfriend, this will be easy to convince him to remain a booty call only. Tell him to get girlfriend and fall in love with her for you two to keep your hot passionate sex. Make promises of erotic novelties and vibrators and erotic encounters outside or whatever you want. There is something extra sensual and super kinky about having a behind-the scenes sex buddy that is your human sex toy only.

2.) Tell him your boyfriend will hurt him if he finds out.
This one is really grasping at straws but if you tell him his, he may back off. Men don;t usually mind being used a s a sex device anyway so I'm sure you wont hurt his feelings. If you happen to have a summer fling sex with a sensitive man, this one won;t work because you don't want the poor guy to live in fear! I;All cover detaching from the sensitive man at a later date 0 stay tuned!

3.) Tell him you are going away to college.
He will forget about you so quickly. You know his favorite hang outs so make sure you stay away to avoid an embarrassing encounter, but if you do run in to each other, tell him you skipped class and came back to visit your family. He's not gong to ask for proof that you are in school so any lie you make up will be fine in this case.

4.) Tell him that you suffer from SAD.
SAD is seasonal affective disorder. Tell him hat you are a total bitch during the winter and you avoid men at all costs. He won't question this one at all, tryst me. So what if he thinks you're a loon, it's not like you;re dating the guy anyway!

5.)Tell him you are not interested in a relationship.
Among all the lies and excuses, have you considered the TRUTH? It is a great option. There is no worry about being a cheater, liar or being not a nice person. Tell him straight up that you only wanted a fling. Detach yourself and him at the same time. Think about the memories and keep it at that. Masturbate to the thought of each other and leave it at that.

The problem with keeping the relationship is that this wonderful"butterfly in the belly" moment will end, once the "honeymoon" is over, you two will start the "imperfect" phase where you fight as your personalities mesh. This is the whole reason you want to avoid a relationship in the first place - right! Keep this in mind.

Avoid the honeymoon ending. Like I just said, if you end upon staying together, you will ruin your sexy memories. Its no fun to masturbate to someone after you have had a fight. Keep it sexy, fun and new forever and let the relationship live perfectly in your memory. As soon as you hit the 3 month mark, you are in a relationship and that's usually the time that things fall apart. the fighting begins and you fall out of like a little bit. keep the special moments alive, keep the sex explosive and fun and don't ruin your summer fling by entering into a relationship that will only end anyway - yeesh!

Hopefully my tips will help to ditch your summer sex toy and yo can press the reset button. Why not invent a new thing for yourself, a winter fling! The sexy snow bunny on the ski hill. Now is not too early to lean how to ski - wait - yes, it's July and there is no snow on the ground. once it snows, Ill update the ways to have a winter fling Bye for now summer lovers!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Obvious about Suceeding with the Fling

Nothing will wreck your summer fling more then getting pregnant. Ouch! I have actually known this to happen before so I feel kinda silly writing about it, but it's true. You gotta use protection okay??

Yes it's possible to contract some kind of sexually transmitted disease, call me naive, but I don't really worry about that because after a few treatments, most can be cured. I'm not stupid and know fully well that some can't be cured, but I don't really care too much about that - I am more concerned with getting pregnant. That is a big bad thing (at this point in my life anyway). Anyways...

For the squeamish, there is no excuse not to wear protection. In case you don't know already, you can buy condoms online. They say in cosmo girl magazines that if you are not grown-up enough to buy condoms then you are not grown up enough to have sex. gee I hate that idea! I am afraid of embarrassing myself and I am in no means a teen!

I buy my condoms online and you should too. It's sometimes cheaper then buying in a store but it makes sense since they have no overhead costs like a big storefront and lots of staff. So buy your condoms online.

I have another super fun idea, to make the fling really stand out, try getting a vibrator or a shiny and colorful pretty dildo or two. Another fun thing to share is a sex toy for couple like vibrating cock ring these simple sex toys are really fun, especially because you just slip it on him, turn it on and let it go!

Every strong and powerful women strong enough to have a summer sex fling then let go with no emotional attachment is perfect to use sex toys. What do I mean by that? It's extremely unlikely that you will be too squeamish to use sex toys. In fact, I almost guarantee that if you pull out some type of kinky adult sexual toy like a the famous g-spot vibrator and say "hey baby, use this on me" that by the end of the summer, it will be HIM that is so attached to you and you will have to shake him!

It's pretty easy to turn the tables, just use your sexuality and he will be under your spell! But don't for get to use condoms!!!

After being the hottest summer sex encounter you'll ever have, you might have to shake the guy, I will follow yo with an article on how to do this because to break a guy of the temptress spell and cast with extreme sexuality, it might take some work. So go ahead and be this sexy because you can!